Shoe Cleaning Laudry Bag


Size: L
Color: 1PCS
Ships From: China



1. High-density polyester fabric sturdy and wear resistant

2. Double-layer mesh structure prevents large particles from leaking out to avoid damage to the washing machine

3. 10000+ fluff fibers inside the shoes will be washed more cleanly

4. High quality zipper Not easy to slide open when washing


1. Remove the insole and put the Shoe Trees into the shoes

2. Put the shoes in the shoe laundry bag and pull the zipper

3. Put in the washing machine to wash the shoes

4. Take out the shoes, dry the laundry bag


Shoe laundry bags x 1 pair


White shoes can be cleaned normally, but pls use cold water for cleaning. Please put the purchased shoe washing bags into the washing machine to wash it once, and then put the white shoes into the shoe wash laundry bag for cleaning. After washing shoes, pls take out shoe and let the laundry bag dry naturally. Pls do not put together for high temperature drying. Dry the shoes separately from the shoe wash bag.

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